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A gazdik írták

What makes a good breeder? Someone who is there for me, who is still interested in his offspring even after years. But for me Melinda Talpai is much more than just the breeder of Somogyi Betyar Indigo. She is a confidante and good advisor. Furthermore Melinda is someone who cares a lot about her breeding. Her dogs are x-rayed, she knows their character, their strengths and weaknesses and Melinda is always honest. I can recommend Melinda Talpai unreservedly. Thanks for Indigo!


Swenja Knüttel

Last year I started looking for a komondor puppy in Hungary. Having a small child at home I could only do it via internet. I've contacted many breeders and agents and among them Ms Melinda Talpai answered. From her first email she was very professional, found out my needs and then gave several choices. She was very easy with all arrangements including proposal of bringing the puppy to Poland. Atos is now one year old and he is really great and beautiful dog.

Aga From Poland

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Melinda Taplai to anyone searching for the best Komondor breeder in the world. Melinda chose and reared our dog for over 6 months until he had been vaccinated and met all the quarantine requirements for his journey to Australia. Huba is the perfect Komondor, our gentle giant. He is loving and caring to our family and friends, particularly to the children but wary and protective towards strangers. He has a balanced and well founded temperament. I cannot thank Melinda enough for all she has done for us.

Andrew Stasias From Australia

When we found out that there were no Komondors being bred in the UK anymore we started researching buying one directly from Hungary. Although we had done our research on meeting as many of the breed as possible here in our country we were obviously very nervous finding the correct puppy for us.We contacted several breeders by email that we found advertised on breeding websites and Melinda was one of the first to get back to us. Every question we asked her she gave a really quick well educated response and her English is brilliant (especially as we speak no Hungarian whatsoever). She really tried to understand what we wanted from our puppy and as soon as a potential puppy for us was available she gave us as much information as she could regarding his breeding and his temperament.We were worried as we were not able to travel to Hungary to meet him before buying him but she sent us many photos and updates as he was growing up and getting his vaccinations before he could travel. She even asked us what ‘pet’ name she would like her to start using for him so he could start to get used to his name in his early weeks. As his registered kennel name she had chosen was so beautiful in both sound and meaning (Ipoly) we felt no need to give him an additional name but it was kind to be asked. The reservation process was unbelievably easy and even when there was a last minute problem with the booked courier/cargo company for his import to the UK she managed to source another reputable company within 24 hours, obviously working very hard for him to arrive as safely to us as possible.We had updates for his travel into the UK and he arrived in amazing condition with his own beautiful collar and lead, the long journey seemingly not having daunted him at all. The love he has clearly got as a puppy showed through and he settled into our family straight away.Even now he is living in another country Melinda stays in touch and has always been really supportive regarding his progress. We know that no matter what we would need to ask she would be there for us and Ipoly. We cannot recommend her kennel highly enough.

Yasette&Rob Partridge, U.K.

14590333_1308385672528025_1983557061335414782_nI would recommend anyone looking for a Komondor to contact Melinda Talpai. As a breeder she works hard to maintain the health, structure and temperament of her dogs and it shows in the puppies she produces. Somogyi Betyar Venusz arrived to Ireland at six months and has been everything I could have hoped for and more. Melinda made the travel very easy to plan and Quinn as we call her now was driven from Hungary to Ireland, delivered to our door. A lovable, loyal companion she is always looking out for the other dogs and people in her family. She was quick to gain both her Irish Junior Championship and Irish Championship, being awarded the Junior and Adult titles at the Celtic Winners show in Ireland. Melinda is there to answer any questions you may have regardless if its specific to your dog, the needs of Komondor or her lines, always willing to share her wisdom. If you want a top quality Komondor, Melinda Talpai is the breeder you have been looking for! IrCh Somogyi Betyar Venusz JunCh CJW’17 CW’17 Before importing Quinn, Melinda had also assisted me in finding and importing my first Komondor male, Bokorszeri Guba. She asked what it was I wanted and required from my Komondor and matched me to this breeding, and more specifically this boy from those details. The attention Melinda give to ensuring he was the correct dog for me showed from the day this confident, enthusiastic boy arrived, and even today he is everything I dreamed of in a Komondor dog. IntCh* IrCh Bokorszeri Guba CJW’17 CW’17’18 Toni Saunders, Northern Ireland

Toni Sounders,Northern Ireland